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Below is a list of common questions I get about EverCraft Online. You can also find a bunch of info on our discord and twitter.
Can I play the game right now?
No - but come join our Discord and be part of the community to be invited to special testing events!
When is the release date? Or the alpha / beta / next test, etc?
We will announce testing periods, milestones, and releases via our Discord server. Join and be the first to know when exciting announcements are made!
How are you qualified to be doing this? How many games have you shipped in the past?
I'm not. Zero. That said, the team has a massive amount of experience under their belt in game development and their specific disciplines. That's not to mention the most challenging work is behind us with a functional, scalable, robust server, and most core client systems working.
Why voxel art?
Using voxel art and 32x32px textures allows the team to rapidly develop and deploy content. Content is King, and we hope to keep up with our players. We believe we have found the best balance in this art style to deliver a compelling and aesthetically pleasing world while allowing for rapid development. It also allows us to use a myriad of pipeline tools for developing assets and allows for the world to be 100% server side and streamed seamlessly to our players.
Is there building / terraforming like MineCraft?
EverCraft Online is designed to deliver a classic MMO experience. To that end, terraforming and free building is not currently being implemented as a player feature. Down the road we are looking at players placing buildings and other crafted prefabs in the world, but it is not a priority. With that in mind, we do have MineCraft-like tools that allow us to quickly and collabraitley build the world for our players and allowing the use of some of those features in a curated way is not entirely off the table for the future. However, this will never be the focus of the game. We hope players enjoy our hand crafted and highly designed environments.
What character customization options are there?
We tire of the trend towards homogenization for the sake of balance. We like players choosing and fulfilling specific roles and being reliant on one another. Therefore, we have plans to include a large array of unique races and classes. On top of this, you will also choose a deity that can provide some additional, specialized, abilities and items to your character. You can also make yourself visually distinct. Our character creator has different body types for each race, and then further modifications like eyes, lips, skin, hair, hair color, and more. Our chosen art style allows us to quickly design and implement new options. We have additionally developed a robust texture layering system allowing us to display unique art for different visual equipment slots. In addition to all the standards like shirt, pants, sleeves, and bracer, we can also display often overlooked items such as jewelry and belts! In ECO, you can show off your personality and your accomplishments.
What is a vertical slice?
We want to prove to ourselves and the community that our plans are viable and fun. In order to do that, we have decided to focus on a single race with multiple classes on a single island with content to progress through from level 1 through about 10. The chosen Race is Humans and the island is called Handover Holm where you will start your adventures in the fastness of Leont or the grove of Greenwood Cover. You will take on quests, forage for resources, combat enemies, explore a handful of small dungeons, and more as you delve into the world and lore of Handover Holm. All core systems will be functional and compelling in this dense MVP (minimum viable product) demonstration. Once complete and well tested, we will take the lessons we have learned and the feedback we obtain to continue on in the development of ECO.
How can I back the game? When is the kickstarter?
I have no plans to do any type of crowd-funding while the game is in development. The only way I'd ever do a kickstarter - is after the game is launched, as more of a marketing exercise. The best way to support the development is to hop into our Discord, let your voice be heard, and join us in testing sessions!