Frequently Asked Questions
Can I play the game right now?

No, EverCraft Online is currently in development. However, you can join our Discord community to stay updated and be invited to special testing events.

How can I register and be prepared for future events?

You can Register an account with and download the Patcher via our Dashboard (

We announce our tests via our Discord (

What platforms will EverCraft Online be available on?

Our initial focus is on developing EverCraft Online for Windows PC. While we aim to support other platforms in the future, it is not a priority at this time. Some users have reported success with emulation, but we are unable to provide official support or assistance for that.

What are the required specifications for EverCraft Online?

Optimization and final specifications are still a work in progress. However, we recommend having an Intel Core i5 processor or equivalent, and a GPU like NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 or better for the best experience.

You can reduce the load on your system by adjusting settings like NPC draw distance, chunk distance, shadow quality, and weather quality in the in-game settings menu (F8 > Video tab). Enable V-Sync and other options as needed for your specific system configuration.

What races are available in EverCraft Online?

At launch, EverCraft Online plans to feature 12 unique races. While the full roster of races may not be available during early testing phases, we aim to provide a substantial selection for players to explore. Each race will have access to a specific set of classes and will have its own unique biomes and cultures.

What classes are available in EverCraft Online?

EverCraft Online plans to feature 16 diverse classes at launch. Each class will have its own proficiencies and deficiencies, encouraging players to work together and rely on one another. While the full roster of classes may not be available during early testing phases, we aim to provide a substantial selection for players to explore.

Will there be a level cap in EverCraft Online?

Yes, there will be a level cap in EverCraft Online. However, the specific level cap has not been finalized yet, and it may be subject to change during the development process. During early testing phases, level caps may be implemented to allow players to experience a portion of the content while ensuring a balanced and engaging gameplay experience.

When is the release date for EverCraft Online?

There is no official release date set for EverCraft Online at this time. We are building towards our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) independently and will explore our options at that stage.

What will EverCraft Online cost? Will there be micro-transactions?

The monetization structure for EverCraft Online has not been determined yet. We are currently focused on building towards our MVP independently and will explore our options at that stage.

Is there voxel building in EverCraft Online?

EverCraft Online does not feature voxel building capabilities for players. However, there are interactions with the voxel world, such as voxel-based spawn rules, voxel requirements, and voxel summoning.

Is there crafting in EverCraft Online?

Yes, crafting is a significant aspect of EverCraft Online! To truly excel, you'll need to prepare consumables, reagents, traps, gear, and weapons. Our crafting system includes refining spoils from dungeons into powerful equipment and passive resource refinement that continues even when you're offline.

These systems tie into our philosophy of preparedness and will integrate nicely with future features like Work Orders and Event Fulfillment.

Is there collection and gathering in EverCraft Online?

With extensive crafting opportunities, collection and gathering are essential activities in EverCraft Online. The world of Adrullan is rich in flora and resources, all meticulously crafted and waiting for you to discover.

Instead of predetermined spawn points, we use voxel spawn rules that players can learn intuitively or through in-game lore. For example, you won't find a scarlet toadstool growing freely in the grass; it will always be adjacent to something specific.

Is there Player vs. Player (PvP) combat in EverCraft Online?

Player vs. Player (PvP) combat is not a focus during the initial development stages of EverCraft Online. However, we hope to pursue PvP features in the future. These features will always be optional and compliment the PvE experience.

What is the focus and vision for EverCraft Online?

EverCraft Online aims to distill what we love about early MMOs and the experience only persistent online games can deliver, and package it into an approachable and engaging experience that we ourselves can play and share with a broader community of players. Our vision is to create a massive, seamless, voxel-based world full of exploration and real danger, with distinct starting cities and meaningful travel. We emphasize social interaction, strategic gameplay, and immersive exploration, encouraging players to band together, forge friendships, slay epic beasts, master ancient magics, craft potions and armor, and befriend or pillage unique civilizations.

Will there be crafting systems in EverCraft Online?

Yes, Players will have the opportunity to collect a massive array of items and resources, governed by intuitive rules-based spawn systems that can be learned through in-game lore. Collection skills will include classic gathering, fishing, skinning, digging, bug collecting, and more, each with unique milestones and progression. Crafting will play a significant role, with a large number of unlocked crafting skills and vocational aptitudes that allow certain classes to master specific subsets of skills. Preparedness through crafting consumables, reagents, traps, gear, and weapons will be essential for success in EverCraft Online.