Welcome! EverCraft Online is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game currently in development by h1ddentree Entertainment.
A world of adventure and excitement awaits you in Adrullan! Getting back to the classic roots of the MMORPG genre, EverCraft Online is designed to be a demanding, yet rewarding, multiplayer experience. Band together and forge friendships as you slay epic beasts, master ancient magics, craft potions and armor, and befriend or pillage unique civilizations. Bend destiny to your will as you travel a world long abandoned by the gods, unraveling the mystery of their divine power as it slowly seeps back into the land. Race to harness the might of their divine arcana - before your enemies get there first.
EverCraft Online is in active early (pre-alpha) development.
Join us in this adventure and have a say in how the game is created!
The Order of the Serene Fist trains young initiates in the ways of martial combat and Firthspirit brewing.
The World of Adrullan
Beautiful and unrelenting, the world of Adrullan begs to be explored. A massive, seamless, voxel based environment where a vast array of races have carved out settlements and strongholds across diverse biomes. An untamed world, making travel treacherous, and discovery rewarding. You must rely on your allies, your earned knowledge of the land, and the supplies, and skills of your profession if you are to brave these challenges.
Impactful Combat
Combat in EverCraft Online is designed around a tab target system with heavy resource management. Slower paced and strategic, you must learn the abilities of your character and your allies to effectively best your foes. Every class must learn to synergize with others to take on the most challenging encounters. Divide and conquer using crowd control and pulling techniques. Set up camps to maximize resource efficiency and gain the upper-hand.
Verhuesten faces off against Halfling marauders as part of the Brookberry Battles in Frostfall Foothills.
The Temple of Balance trains young Clerics and Paladins alike on the path of Alder.
Meaningful Advancement
Manage risk-vs-reward as you strive to develop your character. Gain experience and valued iconic treasures. Unlock powerful abilities and spells. Uncover the many secrets of Adrullan. Forage, grow, steal, find, chop, mine, loot, craft and trade unique items. Gain favor with your city and guilds you belong to. Take on quests from the inhabitants of the world. There is always something to be done to grow your power and that of your friends. With minimal telegraphing and guardrails, you can set your own goals and finding rewarding conclusions to those efforts.
Show Off!
No matter what advancement paths you choose, you'll be spending a lot of time on your character in Adrullan. To that end, we want to provide you the options to make the avatar you want to be. We start by offering a large array of races and classes to choose from. After that, you can customize the look of your character with options like body type, eyes, brows, lips, hair, and hair color. Then, it's time to show off your hard-won iconic items and weapons! Our deep texture layering systems allows us to display unique art for each item you are wearing. All the standards are there like shirt, pants, and sleeves, but often overlooked items are also visible in our system such as jewelry and belts! Impress your friends and strangers alike.
The Chapel of Grixius serves as a base of operations for The Dark Pact.
Auditory Immersion
What's a grand adventure without a soundtrack? We've enlisted the incredible talents and experience of composer Tony Manfredonia to bring back those epic highs and somber lows of classic RPG music.

EverCraft Online

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